Weird Pics + Obvious Differences = QuickSpot

I just finished QuickSpot for DS.  Given two strange pictures, one on each of the DS screens, you must identify differences between the two by circling them with your stylus.  Most of these differences are glaring, but a few of them are subtle.   And when I say that the pictures are strange, I mean in a way that in a Japanese kitschy sense.

I liked the game, but in that mindless addiction way that puzzle games hook you and draw you in.  There are two modes in which to play, Rapid and Focus.  In Rapid Play mode, you are given a sequence of pictures in which to identify one difference in a given amount of seconds.  In the Focus Play mode, you have to identify several differences in a series of pictures where time is not really a factor.  I did find it cute that Katamari pictures come up once in a while, but that shouldn’t be entirely surprising for a Namco game.  Overall, this was an entertaining game and well worth the 100 points I spent on it at Goozex.


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