I had to…

I got the new Professor Layton game today at Target.  I was there anyway…

I will post my opinion once I have finished the game, but since I loved the first two, I have an idea about how it will go.


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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

I kept reading, “If you like Animal Crossing, then you will like Harvest Moon.”  Silly me, I believed them.  I love Animal Crossing (love, love, love!), but I did not like Harvest Moon.  I can see some similarities, a world where you live with other characters, a house you can decorate, a way to make money, etc.  What is totally lacking is also what happens to make Animal Crossing great – the characters endear themselves to you.  AC also has much better mechanics and looks better, but the point is that I love my animals and my town.  I just never really felt that love in Harvest Moon.  I played it for a bit and it was semi-fun, but I abandoned it in favor of my old standby, Animal Crossing.

By the way, I gave Harvest Moon to my sister to try and I didn’t even poison her mind against is first.  I just said, this is the game I hear we AC people are supposed to like…  She tried it and reported back almost the same opinion I have.  Great minds really do think alike…

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CSI: Dark Motives

My alternate title for this post is “Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime“.

I wanted CSI: Dark Motives shortly after I got my DS.  In fact, I was dying to play it.  Unfortunately, this was a case of my expectations being way too high.  I really, really wanted this game to be good, but it really wasn’t.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good.  I was so bummed.  The game mechanics were annoying since you never know what tool to use and you just have to guess at it.  That problem was only exacerbated by the fact that the tool menu was not user friendly at all.  It is already a tiny screen and having to tap in a tiny square to bring up a complex layered menu is not my idea of a fun time.  I play my DS for entertainment after all…

Well, I wasn’t really entertained or impressed by this game.  I guess I just built it up too much in my head.  My husband keeps telling me that games based on shows and movies are almost never good, but I just got caught up in my love of the show (Vegas only, not NY or Miami) his advice slipped away.

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Chibi Robo: Park Patrol

I played Chibi Robo: Park Patrol a while back.  It was cute and the gameplay wasn’t bad, but it was incredibly repetitive and I just could not finish it.  The actions were a bit tedious and I usually felt like I was taking two steps forward and one step back.  Basically, you play as a little robot bent on creating a garden in a little park that has been void of flowers and greenery for a while.  As you get the flowers to grow, you must defend them from pests and keep them up with water and fertilizer.  There is a little home base with a parent computer where you have to check in and recharge.  The voice of the home station is incredibly annoying, which along with the repetitive actions, made this game a grind.

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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic

I just finished Hidden Mysteries: Titanic for DS.  I really liked the story and the gameplay.  You play as a young woman who married above her station and is traveling with her rich husband on the Titanic’s maiden (and only as it would happen) voyage.  She is a bit of a sleuth and starts poking around before she even boards the ship.  She finds hidden passages and has to solve puzzles and find clues in order to get all the people she cares about off the ship before it sinks.

I expected it to be more like some of the other games I have played in this genre with more hide and seek in crazy pictures, but there was actually only a little of that sort of thing.  My only real complaint is that it seemed a bit short, but then I think that about most games I enjoy.  …just seems natural.

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Weird Pics + Obvious Differences = QuickSpot

I just finished QuickSpot for DS.  Given two strange pictures, one on each of the DS screens, you must identify differences between the two by circling them with your stylus.  Most of these differences are glaring, but a few of them are subtle.   And when I say that the pictures are strange, I mean in a way that in a Japanese kitschy sense.

I liked the game, but in that mindless addiction way that puzzle games hook you and draw you in.  There are two modes in which to play, Rapid and Focus.  In Rapid Play mode, you are given a sequence of pictures in which to identify one difference in a given amount of seconds.  In the Focus Play mode, you have to identify several differences in a series of pictures where time is not really a factor.  I did find it cute that Katamari pictures come up once in a while, but that shouldn’t be entirely surprising for a Namco game.  Overall, this was an entertaining game and well worth the 100 points I spent on it at Goozex.

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Wad You Up in to My Lunch

This is the coolest bento lunch I have ever seen, and I am in to bento…


This Katamari bento lunch was made by Anna the Red.  She is an artist!

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I don’t think your’e ready for this Kitty!

Hello Kitty Online is coming!  It will be an MMORPG based around an entire Sanrio world.  Cuteness will abound, the likes of which have never been known.  A release date has yet to be announced.

I am trying to form a picture in my mind of World of Warcraft drenched in pink.  I am wondering if it will be a hybrid of Animal Crossing and WoW.  Maybe you will slay some bears in the woods and return home to redecorate your pink house.  Not this bear, of course…


In a world where all the characters are based on animals, I have to wonder what it is you have to fight.  Perhaps you will fight the darkness so that pink will prevail in the far reaches of Sanriotown (no I am not kidding about that name).  Here is a screenshot to give you an idea of the overall look of the game.


I don’t know about you, but I have already setup my Hello Kitty e-mail account so I will be apprised of further developments.  This is the epitome of girly gaming and I am very interested to see how much interest it garners beyond the initial launch period.

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I play games…

Right now I mostly play on a Nintendo DS.  I  love the wide variety of games available for DS.  There are far more girly games for DS than any other console, which is how I really came in to gaming in my own right.

I also love the portability of the DS.  I am able to play far more with my DS than on a home console.  I can play on my lunch break at work , in the car on a road trip, in the kitchen while waiting for something to cook, or while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  My DS is small enough to fit in my purse and the “sleep mode” feature is great for when I get interrupted and need to set it down – I just fold it closed and tuck it back in my purse.

The DS is really the only console that is all mine.  Together with my husband, I own a Playstation 2, a Playstation Portable and have computers for gaming.  Our family and friends own many other systems as well including: Dreamcast, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Wii, and Playstation 3.  It is safe to say that I see and do a fair amount of gaming.


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